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We Believe

Our goal is to satisfy our customers by creating reliable and robust software products that can deliver high quality design components in a digital format reflecting our motto, on demand design.


We will be committed to addressing our customers’ needs and satisfy them for the lifetime of our products.


Our raison d’être is to provide high quality design solutions for design professionals in an effective manner at significantly reduced costs compared to what it would cost them to arrive at those solutions through traditional means.



Our Customer

Our customer is a very busy design professional who is working on multiple design projects at the same time that have diverse performance criteria. Time is a precious resource for this customer as is the careful attention to multiple design criteria in the creation of design components in a digital format.


Our customer needs to be able to generate various design components based on different design criteria preferably in an already optimized form and in a digital format.


Our software products will generate these high quality design components in a digital format for this very demanding customer.



Our Products

Digital Design Solutions is a limited liability company (LLC) registered in North Dakota, created to provide digital design solutions to a wide range of design professionals. The business will develop high quality, special purpose digital solutions for design professionals such as architects, interior designers, landscape architects and urban planners, using a wide range of digital technologies. These solutions include freestanding software modules, modules for existing software, turnkey services, and training in the use of digital technologies. Our main customers are architects, who will be targeted with the launch of our major product, the Auditorium Design System.


An Android app called Energy Cost Calculator, to determine the energy costs of simple buildings, has been launched on Google Play on June 21, 2015 (Father's Day). The Auditorium Design System Android app was launched on December 30,  2015. The Windows versions of the Auditorium Design System and the Rectangular Auditorium Design System were launched on July 4, 2017. The launches commemorate the memory of Mr. G. Mahalingam, a noted technologist in the field of coated abrasives in India, who is the father of the founder of Digital Design Solutions.



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